Inmarsat Airtime Pricing Update - effective Feb 2016

Inmarsat has announced significant changes to FleetBroadband airtime services which will take effect from February 2016.

The changes include the introduction of new services, end of life (EOL) for selected plans and closure to new activations on some existing plans (including the Small Vessel Plan).

Please find below an overview of the changes.

Inmarsat FBB plan changes from 01 Feb 2016:

"Standard" Plan

  • Allowance increases by approximately 25%
  • Changes apply to new and existing activations

All Plans

  • Subscription fee increase by approximately 4% (excluding Entry 250MB)
  • In-bundle cost per MB will be reduced (excluding Entry 250MB. Very small increase to the 4GB plans)
  • Out-of-bundle pricing will increase by approximately 50%
  • These changes are designed to encourage upgrades

Inmarsat FBB New Plans:

  • 75MB, 1GB, 20GB, and 40GB plans.

Inmarsat FBB plans closing for new activations from 31 Jan 2016:

  • Small Vessel Plan (SVP)
  • 12GB plan

Note, customers activated on these plans before the cut off date will be able to remain on these plans (at least for the present)

Inmarsat EOL (End of Life) Plans:

  • 200MB Entry plan will reach EOL with 6 months notice to ease transition
  • The deadline for transitions to alternative plans is 30th April 2016
  • Any plans not migrated by 30th April 2016 will be automatically moved to the new 75MB Plan
  • Any SIMS due to auto-renew after 30th April 2016 (annual packages) will be migrated onto the 75MB plan

New airtime pricing schedules are available on request, please email sales.