Anti-spam Filtering

Our anti-spam filters got a HUGE boost recently and are now even more effective than ever!

What is 'Spam'?

Firstly, what do we mean by ‘spam’? ‘Spam’ is a specific term used to describe messages that are sent in a hostile and unsolicited fashion, often fraudulently.

"Spam" does NOT mean: all messages that you do not WISH to receive e.g. that joke email from uncle Bill that he thinks is hilarious but that you disagree with...

"Spam" does NOT include marketing circulars and newsletters from well known companies such as Amazon (that you may not remember subscribing to in the first place).

These companies are required by law (GDPR, canspam, etc) to have a functioning ‘unsubscribe’ button in the footer and you should use these to stop receiving further messages.

Anti-spam Upgrades

Following a major overhaul of our email servers, our anti-spam filters should now block nearly all high probability spam before you even see it!

Emails that are harder to classify will be delivered to a ‘Junk’ folder, so please check this folder from time to time (remember - it's a computer program; it won't be perfect).

We also filter and block viruses and ‘phishing’ emails (those messages designed to trick you into visiting a fake website and giving away personal details, usually passwords).

Your filter misclassified something as spam/not-spam

If you spot any spam in your inbox which has slipped through our filters, simply drag it to the ‘Junk’ folder to help train the algorithm.

Equally, if a genuine message is accidentally classified as spam, drag it out of ‘Junk’ folder and back into your inbox to train the algorithm.