PC Equipment

PC equipment has moved on significantly in the last few years, and these days it's hard to find a "bad" laptop. However, prices and specification vary significantly between brands and manufacturers.

How can MailASail help?

  • We can help with advice on buying a laptop or small desktop box suitable for your needs, and the size of boat.
  • We can supply everything from ruggedised laptops to the Digital Yacht compact multimedia desktop PCs that will record and pause live tv and allow you to import your entire CD collection onto the computer!
  • We can also supply all the extra bits and "dongles" that don't normally come in the box. There is nothing worse than being short batteries for a new toy at Christmas! Make sure that you talk to use and let us supply the complete set of bits.

For more information please contact us, either by phone or send us an email: info@mailasail.com