Jobs: IT Developer

MailASail are looking to recruit an experienced developer to assist building our in-house systems, server software and websites

Our ideal candidate will be a programming polyglot and will be naturally comfortable to pickup a new programming tool, a book and becoming productive in short order

That said we have a core set of development tools that we expect you to be familiar with:

Ruby on Rails
This is the primary skill you will be using and our main development tool for customer facing websites and also several new projects we will be starting later this year. We require strong rails skills, incl capistrano, git, plugins, CSS, monit, nginx
Perl is used as the glue wherever we need to bring systems together. Ability to write scripts is required, stronger competency desired
Databases are a given on nearly any non trivial project these days. You should have a good understanding of database design and SQL. However, we use the database largely as a datastore and specific knowledge of any SQL based system is likely enough - you don't need to specifically be a MySQL expert.
Everyone should be able to dabble with a bit of C and at least understand which end of the compiler to hold... Mainly you just need to be unafraid to compile and maintain stuff.
Git is our VCS of choice.
We use (Gentoo) Linux exclusively on our servers and you need to be comfortable deploying software to linux as well as a basic familiarity with how it works and where files live. The ideal candidate would also be a "system admin" and have good experience maintaining a Gentoo system (hardened + linux-vserver)

So we are looking for a multi-talented individual who wants the challenge of of a new small and growing company with plenty of new development to get their teeth stuck into. Sound like you? Then send us your CV and a covering email saying why you think you should get the job to: