Previous Inmarsat Products

See below for a run-down of previous products offered by Inmarsat.

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Inmarsat Mini M

The Inmarsat Mini M is a comparable system to the Iridium.

The basic Mini M system consists of an antenna, transceiver and handset with cradle.

  • Compact and low cost
  • Provides 2.4kbps of data (Internet)
  • Voice at 4.8 kbps

Inmarsat Fleet 77, 55 and 33

The Fleet Series enable voice, fax, and data communications for ocean going and coastal ships and yachts. There is a range of antenna sizes to suit different types of vessel.

Internet access is by mobile ISDN (F77 and F55 only)or MPDS (where you only pay for data sent and received).

  • Inmarsat F77 speeds of up to 128kbps
  • Inmarsat F55 designed for those wanting a smaller antenna
  • Inmarsat F33 has the smallest antenna

Inmarsat A


Inmarsat A was the original Inmarsat service, with service terminated in 2007.

  • Analog FM phone and telex services
  • Very large antenna, suited to ocean going ships

Inmarsat B


Inmarsat B appealed to existing high volume users of Inmarsat A

  • Phone, telex and medium speed Internet / fax
  • Rates up to 9.6kbit/sec
  • Fairly large antenna.

Sat C

The Inmarsat Sat C system is the most widely used service in fishing Vessel Monitoring Systems, and was recently used to track the BBC's globalisation project "The Box".

  • Manufactured by Thrane and Thrane
  • Compact design
  • Ideal for short messages, e-mails, remote monitoring and tracking
  • Approved for maritime, land mobile and aeronautical use.