Vendor Independent, M2M Messaging Over any Satellite System

Why Use teleport-M2M?

teleport-m2m is a simple, vendor neutral messaging service, optimised for satellite connections. It requires and works in conjunction with a Red-Box router.

Messages on either side of the link are queued by the broker until a connection is available. Once a link is established, messages are exchanged in each direction between the message brokers. The actual transfer of messages is automatically and seamlessly compressed and optimised by the Red Box router.

Messages are published and consumed from the local broker using APIs available in most common programming languages, and even for tiny platforms such as Arduinos.

Not all messages are transmitted across the link. Local applications can be built to generate large amounts of "interesting" messages which can be consumed by other local services. Messages are published to “topics” and only topics that are subscribed will be transmitted across the link.

The result is an easy to use messaging broker that can join multiple systems in a local “island”. Optionally some of these messages can be transmitted across a satellite link and messages received back via the same path.

teleport-m2m Benefits

  • Easy Connectivity via wifi or ethernet to local m2m devices.
  • Plug & Play Connectivity of WiFi, 3G, Satellite and NMEA devices. The Red Box router handles all the configuration of the internet devices.
  • Firewall stops all unwanted data traffic, saving money and time.
  • Advanced Compression automatically optimises message transfers, saving cost.