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1. Base System: Inmarsat Fleet One:

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Inmarsat Fleet One:

Inmarsat Sailor Fleet One Price: £
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Inmarsat Sailor Fleet One Price: £

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Why Buy From MailASail?

What is it?

The Sailor Fleet One is the perfect satellite solution for yachts, motorboats and small fishing vessels looking for broadband internet on-board.

Why do you need it?

The Fleet One service has been established to provide a low-cost and flexible means for leisure yachts, smaller fishing and commercial vessels to take advantage of the IP data, high quality voice communication and SMS provided by Inmarsat.

Fleet One brings to the maritime communications world unparalleled advantages in cost, performance and ease of use. While at sea, Fleet One will be your indispensable partner for all of your business or leisure communications needs.

Fleet One is supplied with:

Above deck antenna dome unit, below deck base unit, wired IP handset, 10m antenna cable.

2. Installation Accessories

We highly recommend this sturdy pole mount bracket for fixing the antenna unit to your boat. Antenna cable comes as standard with the unit.

Inmarsat Pole/Mast Mount Bracket:


Inmarsat Pole Mount

  • Stainless steel bracket for mounting the antenna to a pole
  • Allows for easy installation of antenna dome
  • Weight: 1.3 kgs
  • To fit pole with outer diameter: 48.3-52mm

Pole Mount Bracket - [add £]

No thanks - No bracket required

Inmarsat Fleet One Antenna Cables

High quality, pre-terminated RG223 antenna cables, for years of trouble free service. Required for installation.

  • 10m supplied as standard, including spare ends
  • Please select alternative length if required

10m Antenna Cable - [included in price]
15m Antenna Cable - [add £]
20m Antenna Cable - [add £]

3. Inmarsat Fleet One Airtime Plans

There are two options for Fleet One airtime - coastal and global - and both have prepay and postpay plans available. MailASail will include two FREE SIM cards (giving you access to both coastal & global airtime plans) with every Inmarsat Fleet One unit purchased.
Note: we will require you to complete and return our airtime agreement forms in order to activate your Inmarsat Fleet One

Choose Inmarsat Fleet One Airtime:


Inmarsat Fleet One Coastal Airtime Plans

Fleet One Coastal SIM card - [included in price]

Inmarsat Fleet One Global Airtime Plans

Fleet One Global SIM card - [included in price]

No thanks - No SIM cards required

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