Customer Testimonials / Press References

MailASail have been supporting all kinds of adventurers for over 20 years, especially sailors. We specialise in providing "solutions", not just boxes of equipment. When you contact MailASail for advice on your communications options, we work with you to establish your requirements; we can then provide a complete solution including communications hardware (satellite phones, 4G, WiFi, etc), airtime, custom software, advice on third party applications that could be useful, hand holding to get everything all functioning and also a contact point should there be problems during your adventure. We are the ultimate one-stop shop.

As part of our commitment to excellent support we have engineers at the start line of many major yachting events and regularly visit more than a hundred vessels each year to check communications setups and provide training. This includes both sailing yachts and adventurers, rowing oceans or hiking up mountains.

MailASail sponsor many races and events and most recently MailASail have been the title sponsor for the MailASail Azores and Back races (2019 & 2023) and also the OSTAR and TWOSTAR races (2020). Additionally, hundreds of participants in the World Cruising Rally events trust us for their safety and support.

We have excellent reviews in most major yachting magazines over 2 decades and our range of "RoamFree" WiFi and 4G boosters have won awards and mentions.

In the age where you can find a new price just a click away in Google, MailASail offer a fair price and long term support and backup to ensure that your trip will be successful. We think this is ultimately the most important part of your decision making in where to place your business for new communications onboard

Yachting Monthly

Yachting Monthly March 2009 - Long-range comms reports
Yachting Monthly ran a series of articles on what worked for the ARC and MailASail featured prominently. The attached article was a summary from several boats who finished and contains a number of interesting observations. One that caught my eye: "Whilst Iridium costs money per call, the SSB costs a lot more in amp-hours, which on a long passage are probably more valuable"

Yachting World

Yachting World June 2005 - ARC equipment survey marks must go to Mailasail, which earned what we can only describe as rave reviews. Typical comments were: 'Fab'; 'Excellent'; 'Top, top marks'; 'First class'; 'Extremely helpful'; 'Very quick download for weather and positions'.

Customer Comments

Anders and Gunilla Ullman, SY Ydalir
We really benefitted from MailASail’s advice, long after the sale was done and the equipment installed and activated. It has been so nice to stay in touch. Any company selling stuff is always very service minded until you have done the deal and paid the invoice. I really appreciate the fact that you are still there and very supportive and helpful afterwards; that is is why I have no problem recommending you to others

Peter Shaw
Equipment working well, we have even sent small images via email from the middle of Biscay! Wifi bat picking up signals well in the marinas

Dick Beaumont - S/Y Kraken
I managed to completely avoid a cyclone that was coming my way in the West Pacific thanks to the Mail a Sail grip files:There are huge safety benefits achieved by receiving the weather charts as provided by the Mailasail service. 

Mark Lawrence/Mustang Sally
One of the main reasons for going with the Red Box is the continued support you have offered to us over the past 3-4years which has been fantastic and think we would be pretty stuffed without it so big thank you to the team.

Reidun and Finn Fagervik - S/Y Hilde -
We just want to respond to you how extremely pleased we are with your product teleport-mail which we bought from you in Las Palmas November last year (2008). We think this have to be the best mail product in the market and we are glad to be your customer.

Fergus Dunipace (s/v two drifters)
In all dealings with Mail A Sail they are swift, courteous and above all knowledgeable. The team from the top down go out of their way to deliver a stellar customer service to all clients large and small. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Ed - S/Y Into the Blue
Mailasail has been an excellent resource for the trip and countless people have been delighted with the blog as an opportunity to follow the fleets progress.

Richard Woods - S/Y Eclipse -
I run a web based business and couldn't go cruising without mid-ocean email access. Mailasail has transformed my life! I can now easily send and receive 15 emails a minute. In the past year I have emailed on a near daily basis yet spent under USD300 on Iridium call charges.

In summer 2005 we left our boat in Panama, and sailed a friends boat in the Pacific NW. With Iridium and Mailasail I could still access my emails. Something I couldn't do had I chosen a SSB setup.

As everyone agrees, Mailasail's back up and customer care is second to none and I thoroughly recommend it

Chris Coham - S/Y Fearless
I was able to download 18 messages in 32 seconds so the compression programme seems to be doing its job.

Thanks again, one very satisfied customer.

MailASail Note: that this was with an older version of the software which had some limitations which prevented downloading faster than about 1 email every 2 seconds. The new software lifts these limits and under some circumstances it's now possible to receive 100+ emails per minute over Iridium!

Giorgio Cagliero - S/V Indeed
A few months ago I did a test between mailasail and [competitor] Email, sending a picture with both Email compression systems, and your compression software resulted 40% faster than [competitor] ! Way to go !

I got the French Polynesia files: PERFECT ! That's the reason I like doing biz with you: you make things happen

Rolf Fischer - Yelo
You are the very best customer support person in any business I've ever dealt with. Thank you for you're very detailed answer.

Joy and Leslie, US Yacht Banshee
All is fine Ed. it all works--just amazing! I shall recommend you....thanks so much for all the personal service - to me that's the important part...

I can't remember when I've been treated to such wonderful customer service....thank you so much..

Chris Dyson - Lazy Dawn
Just a quick note from mid Irish Sea to say how well all this Sat and GPRS stuff has worked for us in the Fastnet 2005. Mailasail really performed well. We have pulled down weather charts and Grib date every 12-24 hours. The system has worked every time and compression has kept the cost down!!

John Simpson- Skipper S/Y Chiscos
I set up my Mailasail account a year ago and then sailed Chiscos (our Warrior 40) around the Atlantic communicating with my business and my family with no problems at fact the set up was so good I have continued to used Mailasail now that I am back on dry land! Always attentive and responsive - excellent service

James & Lucy Telfer - S/Y Savoir Vivre
The web diary system is simple to use.

Leon S/Y Regina
You have a very straight forward and easy to navigate and easy to understand web-page. You have a way to explain how to do step by step so both unexperienced and more experienced users find it logical ...
Everything was working "out of the box" ...
The speed difference is impressive, but that's not the main thing, really. It is how easy it was to configure that impressed.

Bruno & Myriam Claude - S/Y Silhouette
I just wanted to let you know that I have installed your software and sent and received my first emails via my Iridium connection. The setup could not have been easier and I wanted to congratulate you for this.
Thanks for your support and great service.

Bern Streater - S/Y Ariel
Just a quick note to express my sincere gratitude for all the time,effort & patience you have displayed in resolving our many problems that we seemed to encounter. Your efforts were "beyond the call."

Fiona - S/Y Carelbi
Anyway, many thanks for your patience and persistence, I shall recommend your company to anyone in need of advice for a system on a boat. You may not thank me for this however...

...Sure, no problem, quote me, and you can add that your level of customer service helping people to set up to use your site is without parallel in my experience.

Spencer Whitworth - S/Y "Yo Yo!"
Just returned from successful delivery to Las Palmas where just about the only piece of equipment that worked without fault was the phone and e-mail set up you arranged for the boat! This installation was one of my biggest concerns because I had heard so many people complain about problems with e-mail at sea. My concern particularly was the cost/benefit ratio. With the teleport-it system working and the ability to access accurate weather I was able to make much more confident routing decisions. The cost/benefit for this trip alone would have been worth it. Your help and support has been exemplary, if everything in boats was this straightforward everyone would have one!!

Peter Colquhoun - S/Y Bonditram
When I first visited your website, I was somewhat impressed with the customer testimonials and it help to persuade me to take up the your email service and order my satphone kit through you.

You have provided excellent service, fast and useful response to queries and I can tell you that your services to date have exceeded my expectations.

Many thanks

Peter & Mariana - S/Y Follower
Just a note from Jamestown, St Helena, where we are currently carrying out some repairs and maintenance after a heavy storm two days out of Walvis Bay.

Mailasail has been our only real link to the outside world, and has performed flawlessly in the depths of darkness and storm and in the sunshine/mist of Jamestown. Mariana has had some business contracts to tie up, and without your service we would have been hard pressed to achieve this.

Well done on a system that actually does what it says.

Spence Mooney
I bought the phone for an atlantic circuit which I have now completed and the boat will be put up for sale etc.

Over that period I used your excellent service mainly for email and weather. It was faultless and I am very impressed with the system. Initially I had problems with my computer and again you were very patient and sorted me out.

Thank you again for that.

Michael Boe - S/Y Navigo
We have just returned from our one year sailing trip. We have been very satisfied customers indeed and have, and will continue to suggest others using your service.

Richard Clark
Just a quick note to say thank you for your help with the Iridium system, it all worked faultlessly and really was “plug and play”, which these days is always a pleasant surprise!

We managed to complete our 500 mile qualifier for the AZAB and used the system for voice and data. The external antenna consistently provided 5 bars and we were able to communicate as we pleased. This has given us enormous confidence for the main event.

Anthony Smith - An-Tiki Raft Project
I was very impressed how good your software is and how easy it was to configure the phone and set up the account if only all software was that easy!

Sandy Melbardis
Well, no problems here, no questions, no comments. All good here. Really enjoying my service from mailasail. Telling everyone I meet about you.

Mike and Nicky Constantine
Your service has been magnificent over the past years and we thank you very much. It has made staying in contact so much easier when we were sailing and enabled us to sail more and still continue with our business life....We would highly recommend mailasail to others and thank you once again for your excellent service and helpfulness when we set up some years ago.

Andy Hemens - S/Y Kantara
I have recently configured my 9555 to work with your services and just wanted to congratulate you on the superb applications, excellent documentation and links to the very useful complimentary software. The set-up was extremely simple and we have been using it for the blog and weather on route from Gibraltar to Gran Canaria.