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MailASail are known for our innovative approach to tackling the technical barriers to reliable comms anywhere in the world. We take pride in our excellent customer service, providing a full and accurate picture of suitable options for your adventure.

We will provide honest and impartial advice with lots of tech support and aftercare, ensuring you get the best from your equipment.

MailASail has been in operation since 2001, when we produced our first email acceleration system as a bespoke system for a private customer. It proved so popular that we quickly offered it as a commercial service on a wider basis. Since then we have actively developed the email compression product based on customer feedback and incorporated the features you see today, such as the weather downloads and the teleport-blog.

We would like to think that this makes us unique. We have developed the system to meet customer requirements, rather than building a product in isolation and then looking for customers to buy it!

MailASail can supply all your satellite phone hardware and other communications gear. We can also provide training on setting up your computer for use with email over satellite (or mobile phone), and turnkey installations.

Satellite Equipment

MailASail can supply and install satellite phones and airtime from:

We can also offer a professional installation service to setup your PC for email use with your satellite system or mobile phone.

Don't you always hate it when your kids' Christmas toy arrives without batteries?

At MailASail we understand the problem entirely and you can count on us to ensure that we will quote you for a system which includes all those little brackets and connectors that other people might forget to tell you about.


Stop wasting money! Reduce your call costs by up to 90%!

Our email compression service "teleport-mail" uses heavy compression to dramatically reduce the time you spend online downloading your emails, slashing your phone bill!

Pricing is based on a flat fee, ie no usage charges. Just pay once and use it on as many computers as you like and for as long as you like! We expect you to save far more than the subscription price in call cost savings!

See what you get:

  • High Speed Email
  • Compression of email and web browsing (using optional software)
  • Web Mail (for use in the internet cafe)
  • Web Diary (keep "those at home" up to date with what you are doing)
  • Weather by Email
  • Great tech support!

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Heard that satellite is slow?

Many people may have already experimented with email over Iridium and been disappointed with the speed. Typically this is a symptom of a badly setup system, for example perhaps your virus scanner is quietly updating itself in the background every time you connect to the internet, choking your connection and slowing everything down.

It really is possible to get good, reliable email over a slow satellite link. If you are o­ne of those who has tried and given up in the past, or are thinking of buying a system now, then we would encourage you to follow the tips here, and try our services to see what a difference they can make.


Email compression pays for itself in reduced airtime costs - plus the satisfaction of having a usable mobile service!

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