Professional Installation

MailASail will always offer excellent email support and help with setting up your satellite phone system. We strive also to make the whole process as automated as possible, and each iteration of our compression software tries to automate more and more of the installation process.

However, if you are unsure about the setup process then we can offer a professional installation service and:

  • Configure the equipment and perform the whole installation for you
  • Offer training on how to get the best use out of the equipment, especially with regards to how to get the best out your email service
  • Configure Windows and ensure that there are no auto-updating programs, viruses or other nasties on the computer which might cause a problem.
  • Visit either on your boat/home or you come to our location (Note:travel charges will apply if we are travelling to you)

(We can also offer all the usual IT consultancy products, and supply any laptops, printers, backup tools or other computer peripherals required)

Computer Installations and Setup

We have a lot of practice at configuring computers and if required we could probably have everything up and running and you out of the door in pretty short order...

...However, this is not the goal of our service. The intention is to perform a "brain dump" of the key important steps that we are doing, and basically show you exactly what we are doing, and how to repeat the installation. The idea is that if the worst should happen while you are miles from anywhere that you would at least have the key concepts in order to debug it, fix it and get going again.

We also want everything running as smoothly as possible and for you to be as well trained using it as possible, simply because happy customers tend to stick around!


Where possible we try and work in your best interests and offer a fixed price job.

Please contact us and ask for more details.