Wireless Routers

At MailASail we pride ourselves on offering complete communications solutions to our customers. With this in mind, we are continually developing new hardware and software products and services to increase the scope and level of communications that we provide.

Wireless routers can help us turn our communications into mobile communications. In remote locations this concept is even more exciting - imagine being able to turn on your Blackberry or your iPad in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and update your Facebook profile or send a Tweet on Twitter! Until now this was a near impossibility, but MailASail have been working hard to come up with some solutions. the Red Box is the first of these developments that is soon to hit the shelves, and it offers the above and much, much more.

the Red Box

the Red Box is our first ever all in one Wireless router that serves a multitude requirements. Currently proving popular within the leisure marine market as an onboard communications hub, with it's state of the art applications and unique integration, the Red Box has the capacity to be used in many other industries and markets worldwide.

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