Iridium Fixed Mount Unit: Sailor SC4000

Note: The same unit is also sold by both Eurocom and Skanti under their own branding.

It can be fitted reasonably discreetly for a permanent install onboard. The main unit is tucked neatly out of sight, and only the main handset remains on display.

In general this unit is overshadowed by the Iridium 9522-P Compact Fixed Unit which is smaller, more modern, has SMS messaging capability and is also less expensive. The advantages of the Sailor fixed unit are SSAS capability and the ability to connect up to 4 handsets to the base unit.

Iridium Sailor SC4000

Sailor SC4000 Specifications


  • Rugged water resistant design
  • Uses maintenance free Fixed Mast Antenna
  • Standard 12/24V DC supply
  • SIM card reader accommodates multiple users with separate billing accounts
  • Integrates into the shipboard's communication system to allow access from any phone on the ship

Power Supply:
Antenna Unit Dimensions:
Antenna Unit Weight:
Transceiver Unit Dimensions:
Transceiver Unit Weight:
Control Unit Dimensions:
Control Unit Weight:

25W during communication, 8W stand by
W 96mm x H 140mm
W 150mm x H 309mm x D 87mm
W 68.5mm x H 209mm x Depth 66.5mm


Serial to USB Adaptor

Serial to USB adaptor

The Iridium 9522-P and 9522-TP fixed phones connect to the PC using a "Serial" connector. Most laptops sold these days do not have this connector and so an adaptor to convert to USB will be required.

Our adaptors are well tested and have proved very reliable and easy to configure (always a nice feature when you are 1,000 miles from the nearest computer shop). You can also easily use more than one adaptor if required (for example if you need a second for a GPS unit, or an SSB weather system, etc)