Iridium Certus Airtime

Iridium Certus offers an amazing range of great value data plans, as outlined below. For help choosing the best plan for you, follow our tips:

  1. Choose your monthly data plan based on how much you wish to spend - the $0/month option is a great place to start when you are commissioning & testing the system
  2. Download the Iridium Certus airtime form to make your selections and fill in your details.
  3. Send the form in to us by fax/email/post together with your proof of address.
  4. Once the form has been processed your SIM will be activated and 3 telephone numbers will be assigned.

Iridium Certus Plans (valid for Thales, Cobham and Intellian 700 terminal)

Choose from the following price plans (all plans have a three month minimum contract period - it is possible to change up to a bigger plan and reset the three month contract period but Iridium impose a penalty if you change down during your initial contract period).

Monthly Plans (0 MB to 250 MB)

Option0 MB50 MB100 MB*250 MB*
Monthly Subscription$108$323$575$869
Out of Allowance cost per MB$14.36$7.18$5.74$3.73
Monthly Inclusive Allowance (MB) 050100250
Minimum Contract Period (months)3333

Monthly Plans (1 GB to VSAT)

Option1 GB*5 GB10 GBVSAT**
Monthly Subscription$1,275$1,580$2,297$359
Out of Allowance cost per MB$1.08$0.79$0.50$1.44
Monthly Inclusive Allowance (MB)1,0005,00010,000300
Minimum Contract Period (months)3333

*promotional 'double-up' plans are also available on the 100MB, 250MB and 1GB plans but these have a minimum commitment of 12 months. For example, 200MB per month for the price of 100MB per month but over a 12 month term

** the VSAT plan is to be used only as a secondary/complementary service and only when integrated with an associated VSAT service

Annual Plans

Option600 MB1.2 GB3 GB12 GB60 GB
Annual Subscription$3,876$6,900$10,428$15,300$18,960
Out of Allowance cost per MB$7.18$5.74$3.73$1.08$0.79
Annual Inclusive Allowance (MB)6001,2003,00012,00060,000
Minimum Contract Period (months)1212121212

Annual plans are payable in advance but Iridium give you the data up front to use at your own pace, so this may suit our customers with longer term plans.

Voice Calls

Voice calls not included in the above data plans and are charged in addition at the following rates:

OptionPrice per minute
Iridium to fixed$0.43
Iridium to Iridium & voicemail$0.30
Iridium to other satellite networks$12.92